Who Should Read This Book?

Integration-Ready Architecture and Design strives for a union of theory and practice. Teaching the latest wired and wireless software technologies, the book is probably the first entry into “the next big thing”, a new world of integrated knowledge and software engineering. Written by a software architect and experienced trainer, this book is for:

Software architects, designers, and developers

Internet and wireless service providers

IT managers and other IT professionals, as well as amateurs

Subject matter experts who will directly participate in a new development process of integrated software and knowledge engineering.

Students and educators, who will find up-to-date materials for the following courses:

-Software Architecture
-Software Engineering
-Programming Concepts
-Information Technologies
-Smart Card and JavaCard Technologies
-Wireless Technologies
-J2ME and Wireless Messaging
-XML Technologies
-Speech Technologies
-Java Language and Technology
-C# and .Net Technology
-Integration Technologies
-Business Communications and Collaborative Engineering
-Web Technologies
-Introduction of Ontology
-Integrated Software and Knowledge Engineering (introduced in the book)

Peers: students, instructors, consultants, corporate team players who might start using a peer-to-peer educational tool offered in the book as their entrance in the distributed knowledge marketplace.

All of the above who want to know
how things work, should work, and will work in the IT world.