Why is product integration still a pain?


From the book Integration-Ready Architecture and Design, Cambridge University Press, Jeff Zhuk

Products and services are currently designed to cover predefined tasks, and work with known data.


Are they ready for unknown tasks and new data sources?


Are they ready for integration with other products and services?


Are they ready to be extended into the wireless world?

We think we know what is going on in our industry. How close we are?  

Where can you look for information? Google.com is one answer. Where can you find any tangible product to buy? Ebay.com is a good solution. Can you find a service you need?

This is a bit harder. There are technologies to register services, and we will explore this topic later. The short answer is in the negative. The ocean of industries and markets is filled with myriads of services, but we can only notice the brightest and loudest fish on the surface and have no equipment to help us swim the depths and explore this underwater universe.

If we somehow find a service, then we have a chance to take a closer look. We may then realize that it is not exactly what we really want.

Can we modify a product or service? Can we easily plug it in to another service? Can I cook my application as easily as my lunch from products and services selected right now for a single usage, like in the picture below?

Figure 1, Cooking on-the-fly applications from Integration-Ready products, knowledge, and services

What does it mean to build Integration-Ready products?

Why and how do we use XML, Java, .NET, Wireless, and Speech Technology Components?

What is Knowledge Driven Architecture and why it is becoming the next big thing?

The book answers these questions, walks readers through the edge of current technology, explains the fundamentals of each technology and their inter-dependencies, and helps to integrate the best practices of existing technologies into a new development paradigm.

Examples, assignments, and the self-training application offered by this unique textbook provide an easy entrance into the world of knowledge alliances and arm students and instructors with ammunition for successful teamwork.

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